C# Sample App

Step 1: Create a C# Project

Create a .NET 4.7+ framework solution.

Once the solution is created, right click on the Project and click on ‘Manage Nuget Packages’.

Get the following:

  • Bond.CSharp by Microsoft
  • ZeroMQ by metadings, Pieter Hintjens, Martin Sustrik

Step 2: Pull In Parietal Numerics Bindings

Luckily for C#, Bond codegen keeps it simple. You’ll need to only pull in parietal_types.cs.

Step 3: Pull In Helper Files

The following set consists of files you’ll need to adapt to your project policy. These are meant to be easy to understand and not an example of best design practices. You will have to decide what patterns you ultimately decide to go with.


Step 4: Pull in Individual Examples

example_cvlasso.cs  (async example)

Step 5: Pull in program.cs

The entrypoint of the program.

Step 6: Compile & Run

You should now be able to compile the sample application. Make sure the Parietal Numerics engine is running in the background before you execute compiled sample application binary.