Solutions to common problems.

Excel add-in keeps timing out

Likely, the engine is not up and running. Note that the core calculations actually happen in the engine and that the Excel add-in is simply an access point. You should be able to start the engine by clicking the Parietal Numerics entry in your Windows Start Menu.

No results come back for MCMC routines or cross validation

Some routines are asynchronous. You make a request, the engine runs them in the background. Then at some later point, once the calculations are done, you pull in the results from the Manage Jobs tab.

Excel freezes and then unfreezes but no results come back

Maybe you have a very large dataset and the Excel front-end lockout limit (which we set) gets exceeded. Contact us at so that we can assist you further.

Engine is unable to read license file

On occasion we have had to reissue licenses and been able to resolve it quickly. Let us know if you see this error and we should be able to get it all sorted.